About Us

Who We are

About Us

AGREDIA is an electrical engineering works company specializing in infrastructure based in Johannesburg South Africa. We pride ourselves in extending elite services in maintaining and providing renewable energy power plants, business development and creating designs without complexity.

Why Chose Us

We passionate about creating and recreating a corporate chain of success in our industry for the benefit of your business. From the inception of our agency (2015) and over the years we have vastly broadened our divisions and set a prosperous mark across the globe, in collaboration with our team of experts, who have simultaneously established traits of exceptional success on delivery without fail.

Our Team

Agredia consulting agency recruits only the best in the business. We hold a very high stature of professionalism, because of our analytic team of perfectionists that only strive on delivering nothing below 100% to our client base.

Our Work Process


Exploration is one of our key elements in the process of recreating ideas and venturing diverse avenue within the infrastructure industry. We bring about a team of visionaries with great implementation and execution abilities.


Our key value is obtaining accuracy and achieving economic sustainability through the quality of work we do.


Integrating clients with potential partners is one of our greatest mechanism for achieving growth in our company.

Our Vision

To be a leading African electrical engineering company, that discovers, builds and launches sustainable projects.

Our Mission

To offer investors cost effective, effecient and timely services in the following sectors:

Electrical Engineering/ Design Works

Renewable Energy

Without great determination and hard work our aim will only be an illusion.

Our Values

Green Environment-

Promoting a green environment by recycling and reusing as well engaging in indigenous projects is one of most charitable work.

Health & Safety

The health & safety of our employees is of great vitality, therefore it is imperative that all policies and regulations are followed accordingly.


We pride ourselves in forging long term bonds with clients, through the services we offer. We believe in giving every client an exceptional experience with our company.

Quality over Quantity

It is of great vitality for us to provide our services at an impeccably high standard, therefore we don’t compromise on the qualify of it.


sustainable energy

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable energy.